Our core domain of expertise in software engineering, targets large business applications that involve strong analysis and innovation. Our team has strong competences in business analysis and a perfect command of complex solutions architecture and implementation.

Our vision

PSiDEO’s vision of the Software Engineering:


  • Product approach rather than service approach
  • Development of products reusable by several customer
  • Industrial development procedures at high quality level
  • Collaboration with customer
  • Business-case oriented programming
  • Integration in clients' environment
  • Innovative architecture based on in-house development framework
  • End-to-end security


Our approach has been successfully demonstrated in several large business applications, as example HR performance management tool, functional and technical documents management, and authentication and authorization framework.

The most significant application is an event management software: B-Com Event Technologies.

B-Com is the most comprehensive fully integrated Community and Event Management platform available today on the market. There is no need to involve specialized staff or to use third party software to create event web sites or mobile apps, to manage budgets, manage delegates and accommodation, manage abstracts, conference programs, or implement a social network communication strategy; B-Com provides it all!

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