Rather than focusing on a limited amount of topics (security, networking, etc…), PSiDEO has adopted since the very beginning of its operations a holistic approach of the IT where IT infrastructure is built by assembling highly standardized and carefully selected functional and technical building blocks.

PSiDEO’s products selection for each of these blocks is based on rigorous criteria ensuring reliability, predictable performance, scalability, high level of integration between components and optimal protection of investment (products with long lifecycles). Our in depth involvement with major technology market actors and our regular reevaluation of our solutions’ building blocks allows moreover maintaining (adding / removing components) and updating NGIT components’ catalogue regularly. This ensures our NGIT components catalogue always contains the optimal building blocks.



"Next Generation IT" synthesizes the knowledge developed by PSiDEO over the years. It comprises in particular:

  • Methods and processes of deployment of integrated software and hardware components
  • Standardised documentation of the infrastructures and of their components
  • Tools and techniques of systems monitoring ensuring their optimal availability

The "Next Generation IT" philosophy allows us to:

  • Guarantee our customers the execution of our missions under optimum conditions for control of technological risks and costs
  • Guarantee our customers a cost of maintenance of our solutions which is reduced to the minimum
  • Guarantee our customers a total independence in relation to PSiDEO