Partner in the design, operation and business IT transformation, PSiDEO provides services with a "traditional" approach - Adaptive Outsourcing - as well as a Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud operator - "IT as a Service" - NGIT.

Expert in consumerization of IT enterprise, deployment and operation of global multi-tenant infrastructure, industrialized platforms management, systems automation, storage, unified communications, network security, our engineering teams are dedicated to our customers to help occasionally or to assist in the long term in strategic outsourcing or complete outsourcing of all or part of the functions of an IT department.




The values shared among 
PSiDEO team members are:
  • Result oriented
  • Excellence
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality of service
  • Passion
  • Hard work

​The quality of the services and the products that PSiDEO offers is the key factor of success of our company. It is the permanent concern for all our team, made of passionate, demanding and united professionals, completely dedicated to our customers satisfaction. Our senior engineers provide our clients with a very high level of multi-field services and competences. They are reinforced by the faultless support of our partners, manufacturers and editors.


Our partners’ selection is based on rigorous criteria ensuring reliability, predictable performance, scalability, high level of integration between components of the solutions PSiDEO provides and optimal investment protection.

We partner with best of breed solutions and products’ providers that have the same philosophy than PSiDEO, offering the best suitable solution for our clients.

PSiDEO leveraged its strong partnerships with different IT manufacturers and editors as well as telecommunication services providers.