"Adaptive Outsourcing" is our offering of services adapted to your need for outsourcing.

Wether you wish to call upon our experts only for one specific project or if you wish to outsource your complete IT operations, "Adaptive Outsourcing" is the appropriate solution.

Our senior engineers provide you with a very high level of multi-field services and competences. They are reinforced by the faultless support of our partners, manufacturers and editors.

While working with us, your company will have an assigned representative, able to analyze with you your needs, to propose you a solution, to implement it jointly, and to ensure maintenance of it.




First step of the project, evaluation of existing infrastructure, technical and business environment. The output is a recommendation report that answers business and technical needs.


Expertise delivered by multidisciplinary engineers.


Component based integrated solution design.

Implementation & operation

Industrialized approach of implementation and operation that allows fast deployment, total control, lower risks, reduced maintenance and cost control.

Outsourced IT functions

Outsourcing of all or part of IT functions, including executive positions (CTO, CIO,) with client IT staff management.